Things You Need To Know About Special Characters In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Special Characters In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Characters are a massive part in Animal Crossing New Horizons. With such a wide of variety of interesting special characters you see everyday and everywhere, such as Isabelle, Harvey, Lable and more. Sometimes, most players are not aware of is that they have many hidden secrets. This article highlighting some of the interesting details about Animal Crossing characters you should know. If you need cheap ACNH bells and ACNH nook miles tickets, you can choose AKRPG.COM.

1. Isabelle Gardener

Did you know that Isabelle is apparently really keen on gardening, so that you can see it placed a wide variety of different flowers ACNH Items in resident services. Most if not all flowers seem to be hybrids too which means she would have to go out of her way for all the extra effort and have the knowledge to actually crossbreed these flowers. It’s always nice to see Isabelle getting a break to enjoy herself and focus on her hobbies. Due to the fact she’s one of the most hardworking characters in the entire Animal Crossing New Horizons. Her shirt for the coldest seasons of the year also has a little flower on it. Speaking of Isabelle she also has a cute framed photos in her office space which looked like they were taken when she arrived on the island.

2. Harvey & Harriet

Harvey and Harriet’s studio may not be the most visited spot in Animal Crossing New Horizons, but Harvey has some stories of his own that you might want to learn about.

He would occasionally mention in previous game that he has a crush on another dog character named Harriet, a poodle who runs a hair salon. Since Harriet was removed the New Horizons, it seems like there’s no reason for Harvey to mention this. However if she will be added back, it’d be great to see him make mention of her. Perhaps in the wedding season event that happens in June, Harvey could finally get together with Harriet and make all of his dreams come true.

3. Isabelle’s Brother

On occasion you can get a special piece of dialogue from Isabelle during her announcements, with her mentioning that her brother asked for a wake-up call. Isabelle is referring to Digby, a character who was last seen in Animal Crossing New Leaf. Isabel and Digby are twins and they seem to be pretty close. Furthermore, Didby is a very popular character in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

4. Label & Labelle

Do you in Animal Crossing New Horizons, Label has actually changed her name from previous Animal Crossing games. She used to be called Labelle which was her new name under the fashion designer Gracie. But now that label seems to have gone off on her own to her own thing the world. She’s gone back to her original name Label which matches with the rest of her family. It’s a subtle change but it shows how the sisters have reconnected and gotten closer with each iteration of Animal Crossing.

5. Turnip Family

As most of you played the previous games will know Joan used to sell the turnips to players each Sunday, Daisy Mae who is Joan granddaughter has taken over for a new horizons to help her grandma out. Though Joan can’t be found within the game currently, daisy may actually mentions her during one of the town ratings that Joan could be visiting the island at a future date, once her knees get better. Though it’s not confirmed, still indicates that maybe sometime in the future, we could be seeing characters like Joan make a comeback to Animal Crossing New Horizons

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