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In this technology-driven world, we use electronic devices for entertainment, games, watching online content, keeping track of activities that make life easy and delightful. So why not switch generic presents to tech gifts? Gadgets are ingenious, exciting to use, and known to enhance effectiveness.

You can order stylish, functional, and affordable devices using Dell coupons that offer discounts up to ₹15,000 on select laptop series and ‘learn from home’ deals, and a 30% off on accessories with free shipping on all orders.

Order smart home assistants, charging clocks, technological cooking aids from online retailers like Dell, HP, Croma, Lenovo, Amazon, Reliance Digital, etc. Check out the following tech gifts to get the best deals right now:

1. Smart wearables

Moving on from wireless headphones that last up to 72 hours and produce high-quality clear sound, audio sunglasses made with ultramodern materials and miniature speakers playing crystal-clear music with a built-in advanced mic system is an amazing gift.

An all-in-one virtual reality headset for immersive gamers or entertainment consumers, accompanied with a noise-canceling headset can help reduce background noise is comfortable and convenient to use.

2. Fitness devices

Accomplish health goals with smartwatches that monitor heart rate, sleep cycle, workout routines and provide practical tips to enhance fitness regime. These watches can be paired with devices and are compatible with multiple operating systems. Get up to 40% off on Reliance Digital smart wearables.

To treat overworked muscles, use an impactful therapy massager that targets sore muscles and treats stiffness. Get into a meditative state with a brain-sensing headband that can track mindfulness, track progress and achieve calmness.

3. Portable music system

Bluetooth retro radio or speakers with extra bass, portable waterproof outdoor speakers, wireless earbuds with noise-canceling abilities, and a vintage-looking record player with a portable suitcase record player are amazing gifts for music lovers.

For intense audiophiles, a modern versatile turntable with contemporary design, upgraded and enhanced audio quality cartridge allows you to stream music from the phone (using integrated speakers) or play old records seamlessly. Get up to 43% off on HP speakers and audio devices.

4. Photo printer and frame

A Bluetooth-compatible compact portable copier can print color photos from your smartphone device or laptop on the go. You can add frames, filters to pictures and turn selfies into fun stickers within minutes.

Digital frame with a smart touch-friendly display is compatible with multiple web browsers, streaming apps, voice assistants, video conferencing camera or can be used to grab images by connecting it to a computer using a USB port.

5. Tile pro

A compact water-resistant long-lasting security device that allows you to monitor or locate items that often get misplaced. The Bluetooth properties keep a tab of items like phone, keys, wallet, water bottle, TV remote and easily detects position.

You can just press the Tile Mate to make your phone ring, even if it is on silent mode. You can also store numerous electronic items or place Bluetooth trackers on a charging accessory tray and recharge the battery of multiple devices at the same time.

6. Smart home devices

Just like the Echo Dot, a voice-activated robotic vacuum cleaner, compatible with a virtual assistant smart speaker can be easily plugged to clean your house. A sensor with voice and motion control trash can will solve all your waste troubles in a jiffy.

Grow different herbs with the help of a LED light or get a self-watering planter that can be used to create a smart indoor garden. A UV LED light can also be used to clean the liquid storage or bottle, eliminate harmful germs and purify water.

7. Gamer devices

Relive the days of PlayStation consoles with mini versions like game controllers that offer extra precision clickable analog sticks, motion sensors, feedback, and screenshot buttons. The switch controller is compatible with all operating systems and devices.

To host gaming nights or race parties, you can connect a console, extra controllers, game circuit, phone, or computer to a mini projector that gives a clear bright display and brings joy to gamers and audiences.

8. Smartphone gimbal

For all the video creators out there, shoot smoother films just using your phone with the handheld smartphone gimbal. To ensure selfies and videos with flattering light, you can also use a smartphone accessory clip that emits an adaptable glow.

To capture epic adventures, using a GoPro camera, a mirrorless digital camera with a portable backup and editing system can allow you to store and tweak pictures or video footage to a laptop or external device.

9. Travel accessories

If you prefer having hot coffee on the go even while driving R/C cars, a temperature-controlled smart mug compatible with the app enables you to regulate temperature right from your phone. To get extra light during camping, a solar energy lantern or glowing cube can be used. 

The new carry-on luggage bag is spacious and convenient that also has a removable battery charger to plug in your phone, trimmer, hair straightener, and other grooming devices. Another supercharged tech gift that is very popular is a portable charger. Get up to 80% off on Reliance Digital’s small appliances.

Smart productivity tools

To enhance your work-from-home routine, whip barista-grade coffee with an espresso maker using flavoured capsules or get an electric coffee pour-over kettle with a digital reader that monitors and regulates temperature.

Ensure video conferencing or live streaming sessions are well-lit, lighting kit that can be easily clipped to a laptop or other surfaces can be used. The light provides a warm glow and makes your videos look professional instantly.

New sophisticated gadgets and gizmos save time, record and display data, help you to think ingeniously, work on innovative ideas and sell them online, thereby empowering you to use creativity to the maximum potential. Use coupons, promotional codes, discount vouchers, sale offers to redeem savings, and exclusive perks on purchasing smart devices and tech gifts from online retailers.

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