What Industries Is Clover Flex POS System Best For?

electronic payments through a device like the Clover Flex terminal

The Clover Flex isn’t just a versatile mobile payment system; it’s also a Clover device, which means it can work for any of the many industries that already use Clover’s unique system of applications. If you’re not using one yet, you might not realize just how versatile these devices can be, so let’s start with a little history. In 2008, the original Clover Station hit the market, redefining what a customizable POS could be by offering a host of onboard apps and a complete app store that supported additional functions.

Over the last 13 years, that’s led to a family of devices running Clover software, allowing your business to buy the hardware it needs to suit its industry and niche while synchronizing it to any other Clover devices you’re using at other locations. Here are the industries that have been switching to the Flex the most over the last few years.

Mobile Food Service

Food trucks looking for inexpensive mobile payment options love the Clover Flex and Clover Mobile devices because they provide you with access to the same low-cost payment processing you get from a provider at your brick and mortar locations, but with a mobile data connection that lets you go where the business is at. That makes it perfect for stand-alone mobile food businesses, but it also makes it among the top POS systems for franchisees whose brands offer delivery. Since the Flex works with your other Clover devices by using shared account data, it’s easy to use it as a handheld processing device for delivery drivers.

Roadside Service and Mobile Repair

The Clover Station and Clover Mini have been popular choices for auto repair POS systems for years, and the Flex is a worthy successor to those existing models. It also fills a niche they don’t, allowing you to leave your standard setup in place at your shop while providing the same great service and payment options to customers who call you out for roadside service. You can even take information and let your team start working up parts orders and estimates while you bring a vehicle in, if that’s what the situation calls for, and it’s that kind of flexibility that makes it so popular in the automotive industry.

Event Sales for Retail

Over the last few years, pop-up events and participation in vendor’s alleys at local festivals have both provided small companies with tremendous new opportunities. Before accessible mobile payment processing, merchants had to weigh whether events would provide enough cash business to justify the costs of staffing, transportation, and booth rental. Now, with the ability to simply accept electronic payments through a device like the Clover Flex terminal, it’s easier for retail businesses of all kinds to take the plunge into pop-up and event sales. Mobile events have always been a source of windfall profits when businesses could manage them, and now they’re more accessible than ever before.

If you’re looking for a great deal on a Flex, check out what you can get by signing a new electronic payment processing agreement. Many processors are offering deep discounts and occasionally even free equipment for new customers.

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