Never Zone out a Ghost behind: Use 6 best devices for Spirit Hunt this summer

devices for Spirit Hunt

We humans have to accept that we are not the only creatures in this universe. From dinosaurs to aliens, there have been speculations and findings of experts that force us to think. You may also have an opinion and argue about it. However, anyone can automatically get goosebumps when it comes to spirits or ghosts. 

Every individual may think differently about the existence of supernatural phenomena in the universe. But if you are alone at home and someone starts knocking at your room’s door at 2 am while you are asleep, then how would you react? And how would you feel if you start hearing creepy laughs and screams outside of your room? This situation will surely make you think that you have some “uninvited guest” at your home with evil intentions. It gets even worse when you feel helpless and cannot do much to gain your senses back. 

We often hear incidents related to paranormal activities. Most of us like to live in denial by not believing it. People curious to know the truth have turned this hobby into their profession known as Ghost hunting. Technology has evolved at a rapid pace, so different gadgets are available now for paranormal activity detection. It enables ghost hunters to find concrete evidence to show the entire world that we are not alone in this world. We have someone in our surroundings every time. And who knows, maybe some unseen entity watching you while you are reading this. 

Let’s dive in and explore some effective spirit-hunting devices. It will help you find out whether you have someone else in your home except your family or not. 

Here are some of the best devices for Spirit Hunt

Digital Voice Recorder 

On any day, most of the investigators will use digital voice recorders for EVP sessions. EVP stands for electronic voice phenomena as it can capture any mysterious sound from spirits. These are battery-operated devices that help ghost experts to attain their desired results. 

This gadget is accessible online, and websites like spiritshack provide the latest and upgraded versions. By having that, you can record any mysterious sound. It comes with storage memory and a single-touch record button.

Powershot Camera 

A digital camera having a night vision function is one of the key things to record any unexplained activity. You may capture any unusual shadows and light anomalies with it. From footsteps to mysterious creaks, you can also keep an eye on other activities. The game has a high-resolution power that enables you to record video with a high-quality result. You can even record videos in low light, depending on the hunting time. 

Camcorders having basic features will only record sound and movement. It can not disrupt electromagnetic fields like a smartphone can do. Power shot cameras to record in night vision and switch from infrared to full-spectrum mode to full-spectrum sets it apart from other devices. While taking pictures, you never know what will show up, so these types of cameras help.  

Electromagnetic Field Detector 

The electromagnetic field detector (EMF) identifies the sources of electromagnetic radiation at any place. It is one of the useful ghost hunting devices you can use at any site, from homes to offices. Theories suggest that spirits and ghosts also emit electromagnetic radiation in our surroundings. One of the significant applications of EMF is to debunk spectral sources of radiation. 

In some situations, people have a fuse box or an old alarm clock right next to them that is also a source of electromagnetic fields. It can cause hallucinations or give you the impression that someone is watching you. If you want concrete proof, you may consider using EMF where there is no electricity source. It will give you accurate results and makes a valuable addition to your investigations. Modern EMFs block the man-built frequencies and indicate other disturbances. 

Lasergrip Infrared Thermometer 

A standard thermometer can measure the temperature in a given environment. But an infrared thermometer can provide you with the temperature of a specific object with a laser. Most HVAC technicians use it, but it plays a crucial role in finding the cold spots in a potentially haunted place. It allows you to identify drafts around windows, air conditioners, or different points. You can measure thermal radiation which will enable you to find out the temperature of an unknown entity. A regular infrared thermometer can provide you readings from -58°F to 716°F. 

Portable Home security 

Experienced and competent paranormal investigators rely on quality gadgets to gather sound evidence. They use vibration detectors and motion sensors to spot any movement in the room. If you have a portable home security system with essential equipment, you can easily trace any paranormal activity. 

The system should have a couple of sensors with a receiver. Then, you need to place the sensor on the table in an unoccupied room and keep the receiver with you. The receiver will notify you when a motion gets identified through an alarm sound. Place the motion sensor at any empty location or think there are more chances of paranormal activities. Once you detect the motion, you can send the unluckiest member of your team to check it out in that empty room. Vibration sensors also work in the same way. 

Binary Response Device 

It is also another essential device that helps you to attain desired results. It enables you to record the response of spirits. It is also known as yes/no boxes.

You can ask some questions to spirits and receive answers through the device. The device gets manufactured on the theory that souls can gain the energy to respond. 

The answers appear through the green and red lights on the gadget. Green means yes, while red says no. You can record the response by asking questions like, are you with us in this same room? Do you have any evil intentions? Will you harm us? 

This device is not for everyone to use. Because once the red or green light blinks on it, you may drop the gadget by getting nervous. You have to be mentally healthy to use this type of tool. 


You need to understand that ghosthunting is not for everyone. It requires courage and guts to handle the awkward situations once you put your feet in the haunted place. People have different opinions about ghosts and spirits. Still, technological advancements have made it easy for humans to identify any paranormal activity. These gadgets help us to collect credible proof of the existence of ghosts. You need to know the proper use of each device and use it smartly to attain effective results. 

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